Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Give Away: Running with the Mind of Meditation Book!

A new book out....definitely worth a read.  I never realized before how similar meditation and running are!  They both go through similar phases in obtaining a goal.  They both go through a similar mindset when reaching the once-considered-unreachable goal.  Whether you are running marathons or have just started walking for health, this is a good reference book.  There are so many similarities to both this ultra physical activity and the ultra solitude/quiet that is associated with meditation.  And, the face that we ALL know that running is more of a mental sport than a physical sport surely has been experienced by anyone that has run farther than a 5k!  It takes focus to develop and retain that endurance.

a Rafflecopter giveaway As I've said before, the idea of meditation, while insanely simple to comprehend, has always been a bit hard for me to embrace.  While simple in concept, there are a lot of obstacles in the way to attaining the meditative state and as a result, the entire process has intimidated me.  But this book breaks it down into such simple and concrete steps....and even if you do not "meditate" you will come to realize that running in and of itself is a form of meditation (or at least completely the opposite that they actually have a lot in common!).  You are so in touch with your body, every motion that you focus is on the physical...and in doing so, you free your mind of any deep thoughts.  You are focusing on your every movement.  As Sakyong puts it "Movement is good for the body; stillness is good for the mind."  To do one well, you need the other.  That whole ying-yang approach to a sport is so essential.  Think of the way we design a training plan...we have those rest days for a reason other than to rest your bones/muscles.  With the rest days, our strength actually improves!  This is a metabolic fact....muscle strength occurs during the rebuild phase, eg rest days.

Breathing and movement are essential for a well-balanced and healthy life (both physical and mental).  Check it out...or better yet, enter to win your own copy by completing the form above!  Good luck!


  1. I definitely want to win this book. I have always thought that running and meditation were similar,and I'd love to delve deeper into it :)

  2. I'd love to read this book. I think I need a new perspective. :)

  3. Call me excited or impatient LOL, do we have a winner? :D


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