Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gadgets Data Feed (Garmin, WiThings, UP by Jawbone. MyFitnessPal, DailyMile)

Can you tell that I look at processes at work all day long?  Well, this got me thinking.  I'm interested in the wifi scale, so I can track progress.  If you can measure it, you can control it!  Isn't that how the adage goes?  Problem with that you look at it, but rarely record it!  This got me thinking of how I can pull all of my data into one or two places with the least amount of involvement by me necessary.  If its easy, I'll do it...if its work, I won't.  And since I know the data will be helpful, I want it to be easy!

First and foremost, a runner needs their garmin :)  My footpod needs a new battery, so I need to address that.  But, I am also interested in the heart-rate monitor.  I capture this information with the elliptical, but want it for running as well.  The HRM and the footpod transfer seamlessly to the forerunner while running.  The data is stored in the Forerunner, until it syncs to the computer.  The ANT Stick is just placed in the computer's USB port, and the data wirelessly syncs when the forerunner is nearby.

I utilized to seamlessly transfer my garmin data from to (along with all the stats and routes), which then seamlessly syncs to my UP app.  I love DailyMile, but RunKeeper's seamless integration with garmin and UP may make me a full convert.  At first glance, RunKeeper seems very similar to DailyMile.  With a bit more time, I'll fully understand the differences.  At present, however, I can still sync my garmin data to both and continue to use the community feature of DailyMile.  So, basically, UP will calculate calories burned, but anything fed by my garmin trumps that time period.

The WiThings scale uses home-based WiFi to connect to the network and upload your data seamlessly.  This data is then synced seamlessly to both MyFitnessPal and UP.

The UP wristband obviously syncs to the UP app.

So, what effort is involved?
  • I enter foods consumed on
  • I put my ANT stick into my computer and place it near my Garmin after a run (which I always do anyways)
  • I periodically sync my UP wristband to my phone (via the headset port)
  • I still detail my exercise in DailyMile.  If nothing else, it posts to this blog as a widget, and keeps track of the mileage on my shoes, as well as lets me note upcoming races
What is the end result?  Both MyFitnessPal and UP have the following:
  • weight
  • calories consumed
  • calories burned
So, think of all these different interfaces as just different modules of the same program. 

All of the interfaces listed below have a web interface, as well as a iPhone interface. On my iPhone, I have them grouped in the same folder, so its still one-stop shopping on my phone.  Therefore, if I want to see any detail (drill-down) to what is presented on MyFitnessPal or UP, I can access them:
  • MyFitnessPal will be the go-to place if I want to investigate weight progress and overall nutrition.  The features of this site are great. 
  • If I want to analyze my running progress (eg distance trends, speed trends, etc), I will go to 
  • If I want minutae facts about a run (cadence, elevation gain, moving time versus elapsed time, min/max elevation), I will go to
  • If I want specific trend/info about my resting heart rate and weight/bodyfat/BMI, I go to WiThings.
  • If I want a community or see my overall miles, I go to DailyMile.
I know the diagram may look a bit intimdating, but chances are, you already have some feeds going on....isn't it best to know what is being held where?  If nothing else, it clarifies the whole process.

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