Monday, June 17, 2013

Only Crazy People Start Running in Florida Summer

I did promise myself that I would start to run as soon as tax season was over (our house is absolutely crazy during tax season).  That was delayed....too many recent coyote sightings in the neighborhood.  Sure, they supposedly scurry away from people when confronted...but silly me, I still don't like the idea of coming face to face with one in the dark of night.

But...I kicked my nutrition into high gear last week.  Even ran, somewhat pitifully Friday night.  It was only 2 miles, and I did intervals...2 mintues running, 1 minute walking.  I was actually surprised that I could do it!  But, there was some slight knee discomfort and I proceeded to ice down when I got home.  That was expected though.  I followed that up with an elliptical workout Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was 30 minutes, but Sunday was 60 (made up for the poor "fathers day luncheon" diet)!  Go Mama Go!  I was rather shocked at myself.  Sure, I kept the RPMs lower than I did before, but my HR was probably 150 throughout.  Obviously I am out of shape given that the RPM was consistently under 60, but I'll take it.

I was considering running tonight, but I have an interesting discomfort in my pelvis.  Honestly, it seems to be right where the crease is between the pelvis and thigh.  I know there is some muscle soreness, but thats not what makes it interesting.  What bothers me the most is that it seems to be on the surface.  If I didn't know any better, I woudl say that I was sunburnt.  This, of course, cannot be possible.  So, I think I'll be on the elliptical again tonight.

Diet has been pretty steady.  I've been having mostly iced coffee with just cream in the morning, a healthy snack, a shakeology shake for lunch, then eating heavier at dinner time.  Its worked fine, especially since I make the shake in the morning and put it into the fridge when I get to work.  It doesn't get uber thick like a protein drink that was made hours ago, so I was quite pleased with the ability to make it so early in the day!

I just want to keep strong.  Loosing the weight gain from the kitchen fire seems to be as difficult as loosing baby weight gain.  I have a long way to go!

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