Saturday, August 6, 2016

Honk Honk...Yes, we know you are there, my 10-year old child!

So, I ran with my daughter this morning.  Now, I know that we didn't know who was in that car.  I also know that I'm so out of shape and overweight that the honk was not for my attention.  Sadly, I have to assume its for my daughter.

She is 4'11" now (she gets her height from dad, because its certainly not from me!).  She was wearing running shorts...ones that she wears at softball and basketball all the time.  She had a pony tail for her long blonde locks.  She wore a running singlet with a colorful sports bra underneath it (although she barely needs anything up there, so its more of a fashion statement!).  If she was a teen or adult, she would be considered thin, but actually for her age, she is right where she needs to be....not skinny by any means, but also not chunky by any means.

Of course she is unaware that the honk is for her.  But man, just because she is tall does not mean that she isn't 10!    Her first harassment, and I don't even know if I should tell her anything about it.

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