Sunday, August 7, 2016

Too Much, Too Soon?

So, there is an inaugural half marathon in October....the only one that has ever been in my city.  I want to do it, but just not sure if I can get where I need to be.  This one, unlike all of the others that I have ever been in (back in the day) will be attended by other people I know.  Nobody, except my immediate family, even knows that we are running as a family now.  Scared to be embarrassed....but how many times does the chance come around?  I also hear that the bling is amazing!

I have been running for 5 weeks now....I have been running at the kids' pace.  I may have to run with them, and then drop them off at the house and continue on to see how strong I feel.  That honestly, is not a bad plan....2 miles with them and tack on another 1+ alone.  Only then will I know if I have a chance of getting up to 10 miles before 10/15.  If I can get to 10 miles (even at a 12:00 pace), I will do the half marathon.  Doable goal?  That still makes me incredible slow....but not insanely slow.

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