Monday, August 1, 2016

Running with Kids...Week 4

T-34 Days until our first 5k.

Our planned protocol for this last week:
Run 4 minutes
Walk 2 minutes
Run 6 minutes
Walk 3 minutes
Run 4 minutes
We did not do that well.  Unfortunately, our travel plans dictated other things.  We did manage to push ourselves walking a LOT in the hot humid New Orleans sun while out of town!  Doesn't that count for something?  We do have some catching up to do, for sure.  Our first run in New Orleans was a ton of running, compared to walking...but not like the planned protocol.  Our second run was when we returned home...we did 3 minutes running, 2.5 minutes 5 running intervals.  So, we did several intervals, but they were simply not the distance needed.

We will play a little catch up this coming week.  Hopefully run at least every other day.  

Now, I do give us a pass.  No new runner should ever have to run in New Orleans heat and humidity.  Only when Fall arrives will the kids understand that they have strengthened their lungs sufficiently...right now, they are running on faith that they believe me and that I won't kill them in the process!

Regardless, have their hearts improved?  Yes!  Do you they see that?  Yes!  Is the weather awfully hot?  Yes!

How do I know this?  We got back Friday night and my daughter had a basketball game Saturday morning.  I recall that she was near death the first full-length game where she had to play all 4 quarters.  She was wincing, she was near crying....she never said it, but you could tell just looking at her.  Today? Full-length, 4 quarters....she did pretty good!  No look of death on her face :)

So, to reflect a bit...lungs are definitely getting stronger.  I can see it in both of them.  Now, lets get those leg and core muscles strengthening!  And, lets increase the run:walk ratio!

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