Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No Tri for Me

So, I've decided not to do the tri this weekend.  Turns out our house will be in shambles with the remodel starting.  I'm truly excited for this, but they will be there late saturday and then starting right up again on Monday.  While I would love the experience of an introduction to a tri, which is exactly what Danskin offers, I need to be there for the kitchen remodel.  We've simply gone too long without anything, and I deserve it to be perfect and traveling out of town while this is occuring is simply not in my long-term best interest right now.

But, even though I'm not participating, I hope that the comments/training plan that I've outlined has been of interest to others.  If nothing else, maybe you can see yourself doing a tri now.  Its not quite as initimidating as I once maybe next time I'll give it a go!

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