Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Allied Medal Displays...for the kiddies too!

There are a ton of things we buy our kids.  My boy loves his legos, and there is never a lack of legos on his lego table, aka dining room table.  My girl...she loves writing stories and drawing pictures to go along with those stories.  Even given these preferences, there is never a lack of things that they 'want' and the wish list is endless!

Even then, the idea of buying something for my 5 and 6-year old now that will last them into adulthood is rare.  What other single purchase is appropriate at this age as well as 20 years from now? What other item will be appreciated and still be in pristine condition now and then?  What item is durable enough to withstand their constant touching?  These kids have already earned medals from participating on a soccer team as well as a variety of kids races.  Currently, they are hung on their bedposts.  That may be fine for some, but I rather like the idea of displaying them properly...by giving them a special place, pride of those medals soon follow.  It should be a symbol of pride to them every day that they look at them.....throughout their childhood.  I want to encourage that.  After all, thats why I wanted one for mine...to encourage me to move forward in athletics!

So, no, a medal display is not just for us adults that want to hold our fabulous bling.  I took a lot of care in specifying which display is appropriate for them...it had to be timeless and not sport-specific (who knows what they will be playing in the future!) but also it had to be inspiring!  Some may chose a bible verse, some may chose a simple word such as "BELIEVE" and some may chose their name.  I wanted something inspirational for my kiddies "Always Earned...Never Given")...something that would be appropriate now and in their future to propel them forward, whether it be a sport or an academic decathalon!  Even legos are not as good as this gift.

Oh and yes, my son's 5th birthday was this past week...and he absolutely glowed when he saw it!  He held it up to Mommy's and just beamed with excitement having one so similar to mine!

Allied Medal Displays for the best bling holders around!  Use discount/promotion code CMOTR for a 10% discount (should at least cover your S&H).

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