Thursday, November 29, 2012

P90X2: Plyocide

While I didnt wear shoes during the "4 Legs" workout, this is a necessity here!

Equipment was also more involved (really "4 Legs" requires a wall and a chair and your body).  Have the following readily available prior to pushing play:
  • Medicine Ball (I used an 8 pound version)
  • Stability Ball (make sure yours is inflated!)
  • Plyo Box (I used one of the kids' step stool)
  • Foam Roller (the ones with bells and whistles are not needed..simple will suffice)
  • Bands (or you can use a towel, but bands are much better)
P90X's Plyo X has been said to scare, but I also heard that this version wasn't nearly as while I assumed it to be more "hard core" than the "4 Legs" workout, I was ready.

  • 55 minutes (BIG chunk of this is the warm-up and cool-down)
  • Tons of focus on core strength, stability, recovery
  • You won't sweat as much, but maybe thats because there is no way that you can do it all the first time around!!!
  • Tough workout!  First half, I was able to do at least 3/4 of each the end, I was happy to do 1/3 of each.  Yes, they are that hard.
I'm looking forward, in a few weeks, to be able to do all the routines in this workout...some day....hey, I can dream!

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