Friday, November 30, 2012

P90X2: My Initial Review

I'll be writing (and have written) on my initial impressions of each DVD.  But, what is my overall sense of the program?  To put it concisely, its about "functional strength."  It truly doesn't matter if you can do 40 lb bicep curls if you cannot lift your luggage into the overhead compartment!  It doesn't matter if you leg press 200 lbs if you pull a back muscle while reaching in the top kitchen cabinet for a pasta insert!

Sure, Tony is ripped and slender...but its not about muscle volume.   Sure, men will get that simply by doing this routine.  Its about core strength.  Its about having the right strength, not just strength. 

Its about going through your daily lives...
  • picking up your sleeping-on-the-couch kids and carrying them to bed and not killing your back in the process
  • juggling your laptop and purse and coat while walking on slippery cement and balancing so you don't  break your ankle
  • painint the ceiling in your bedroom without needing a week to recover from the muscle exertion
This workout will make life easier.  It will make you more able to do those things that you NEED to do, not just WANT to do.  So far, while Plyocide was a tough and gruesome workout, i see that the entire program is based on balance, overall stamine and core strength...and if you have those, you will easily have the muscle ton and fat loss you desire (as it doesn't necessarily occur the other way around!).

Now, what will tonight bring?!?!?!

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