Friday, November 30, 2012

P90X2: X2 Recovery+Mobility

I had the option of a rest day or another DVD...I opted for the DVD.  Today called for X2 Recovery+Mobility.  Now, I knew it would be low-key, simply because my option was to rest and not do anything...but I was curious.  What was this disk going to bring for 55 minutes?

First, equipment:
  • bare feet (yes, forego the shoes and socks complete)
  • foam roller (or long towel..but in reality, this is necessary)
  • weighted bar or broomstick (I opted for resistence bands in lieu of)
  • yoga block (so not needed if you are not uber flexible yet)
  • Mat (optional, but seriously with the occassional yoga positions, you need it to save your knees)
There are quite a few yoga positions in here, including long plank stances as part of the standard sun salutation routine, as well as a ton of stretches.  You use the foam roller for the standing stretches, which surprised me. 

But, the single most thing that I got out of this video is HOW to use a foam roller....and he dedicates a lot of time with long stable stretches using this piece of equipment.   Its not something you can easily learn from a 3-minute youtube video, and definiteyl not from a book....seeing it in action for a solid amount of time is by far the best way to learn how to use it.  This is by far the longest portion of the workout.  One side at a time, one muscle group at a time...its a solid 25 minutes baby!  And really, its well worth the effort.  Sure, you can stretch without the video, but I do think if you do these sequences of moves without the timer on, you are going to short change yourself.

I was also surprised at how to use the foam roller.  Sure, sometimes you move it back and forth (eg roll it), but most of the time, you move it until you find that "ouch" spot and put more pressure on that spot.  Its a kin to giving yourself a custom shiatsu massage...and much cheaper at that!  I honestly always thought you were supposed to constantly roll the roller!

The DVD ends with some back stretches using the foam roller which were very much appreciated!  Who knew!  So, you won't be seriously sweating although you might glisten a bit.  You don't have to be uber-focused on physically watching the DVD, but you do need to be tuned into your body.

I'm glad I took the time here rather than taking a true rest day.  And, I know that I can easily do this with the kids around, which will allow me to do it earlier in the day...bonus!

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