Monday, July 25, 2011

Amphipod Hydraform Thermal-Lite™ 12oz.- Product Review

Ok, so I knew that when I increased to over 30 minutes in this vile, hot, humid, seriously summer weather in Florida (why on earth did I try to start running this time of the year???), I knew I would have to bring some water with me. The preserve trails have one water fountain (and thats near the parking lot!

So, someone on FB (gotta love FB) suggested this little product for carrying when you run. I wasn't sure of the running belts, but these are way cool. I picked one up (after my countless hours searching the internet for the best deal since my local running store didnt carry ergo handheld hydration...only "normal" hand-held bottles), and I couldn't be happier. By the way, had them for the least cost with no tax, and the shipping was free! At least from what I could find.

See, this bottle is ergo-designed with a neoprene stretchy band to fit in your hand without any need to grip (even ever so slightly!). And the 12 ounce size is the perfect amount for putting water in it (so on runs shorter than an hour, half of the water goes on my head while the other half goes in my mouth).

Also, there is a little pocket to keep gummies or (gu chomps, which is what I prefer) handy for quick snacks. Its large enough to hold IDs, a few chomps, keys, etc.


  • No effort hand-held hydration...seriously, there was no tension in my hand at all!

  • No chance for chafing around my waist with other hydration packs

  • For $19.95 (retail its $20.95, I think), its one of the cheapest hydration options out there for runners

  • Neoprene keeps cold water colder longer as your hand doesn't heat the contents...and you can even throw it in the freezer a bit before a run

  • No need to use capris/shorts with pockets, as all of your essentials fit right into the pocket

  • They also carry a 20 ounce version (fine for men's hands, but I think it would be too large for most women's hands)

  • Comes in basic black (with their standard green bottle) or for a girlier yet still serious version, they have a "breeze" model...I chose the girlier model simply because I wanted to deter my husband from using it :)


  • The neoprene does ride up a bit so it covers the base of the nipple, but this doesn't interfere with use at all. I would rather see that its secured near the bottom of the bottle like the actual hand pocket is.

  • Their bottle is the only kind that can be replaced, if it develops a leak or whatnot...a normal 12ounce bottle simply won't fit.

  • If you are a sweaty one while running (e.g. my husband), you may need to throw the entire thing into the laundry/dishwasher as I can't see a way to separate the bottle from the holder easily. There is a way, just easier to wash the whole thing though....which is usually fine unless you don't have time for it to dry

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