Sunday, July 10, 2011

Running is for the patient and persistent

I learned this the hard way. As I was saying before, I started the C25K program, and 3 weeks into it, still felt invigorated by the challenge...even with all the fat jiggling in my behind. I felt one run was not up to par, so the following night, I thought I would reattempt it. BIG MISTAKE.

I ran on a road near our house that has a severely cambered side. See mom, I'm increasing my vocabulary from running!

1cam·ber verb \ˈkam-bər\cam·beredcam·ber·ing\-b(ə-)riŋ\
Definition of CAMBER
intransitive verb: to curve upward in the middle
I fully understand the reason for the cambered know, drainage and such...but never ever understood the effect it can have on biomechanics (wow...all these running words are just pouring out of me now!). So, I'm running and immediately feel something odd in my knee. Stress fracture! Yowza! Where did that ever come from!?!?!

Of course, I had no idea what I did to myself. I took ice that evening to the nth degree...and avoided running for a few days, then ran again. Pain was excruciating, and of course, since I had no idea what I did, I tried to run through it. Such the novice in me....if only I knew then what I knew now. So, I take another few days off and try to use the elliptical that stares at me from my bedroom....for 1 week. Run again? No ain't happenin!

Orthopoedic scheduled for a visit....x-ray came up with nothing. He suggested an MRI to confirm that I tore something (and if it was, he was absolutely sure that surgery would be required), or I could wait it out and if it heals in 4-5 weeks, its sure to be a stress fracture. I opted for waiting it out, since Joe was going in for shoulder surgery soon enough and we couldn't both have surgery in the same month anyways! So, the wait seemed prudent even if the unknown was driving me crazy.

4 weeks later, I attempt the elliptical felt ok! I did this for another week, and while many probably didnt believe I'd ever attempt running again, I did just that! Sure, I went back to week 2 of the program to play it safe...but I returned! Maybe I myself am surprised that I returned? Regardless, I was back...and determined to catch up to power mama Jane in finishing the program. Sure she was a cool five weeks ahead of me by this point, but I would finish...if nothing else, but to show everyone that I wouldn't quit!

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