Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Knee...or not knee?

My inside knee started to hurt again late last week. I've been using ibuprofin occassionally and ice (mostly ice) every night. I think its the same thing...stress fracture. Surprisingly, it seems to be getting better though! Monday's run didn't hurt at all, although I felt a bit sore in the knee a few hours later. I've been using Joe's ice pack (for pitcher's arm/shoulder) since he's not been using it...and its done an adequate job. But, I decided since (of all my body parts) I'm most worried about my knee area, I'd purchase a proper knee ice pack. Afterall, my mother has had multiple knee surgeries, as well as my I have to be extra diligent!

Can you imagine me googling forever to find all the reviews on these things? Amazon had a bunch, but none that got consistent stellar reviews. I don't mind paying more for something that will be perfect. After all, I do plan on making running a very long endeavor, not something I plan to drop next year. So, I continued my search and I saw an ad regarding the Moji knee pack. I must say its a pricey little thing, but my knees are worth it! I went ahead and got the two-pack and found a great discount code (after joining their FB page, they gave you the "SHESAID" code for 25% off) after they arrive this week, I do plan on testing them out thoroughly.

Even better, I plan to make this an important post-run ritual, regardless of pain or not. Whats cool about these is that you can walk/stretch with them on, so I'm optimistic!

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