Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spreading the Noise

So, as I mentioned before, I started running using an iPhone app. I love the interface and actual program as it was overwhelming on occassions, but not insanely so. Most people who start to run somehow already know how to run an entire 1/4 mile without panting...well, that was NOT me. So, I needed something that started me from the absolute beginning...and this did the trick. One additional feature that I liked was the fact that it posted my completed workout onto Facebook. Now, normally, I could care less what auto-posts to Facebook, but I did like the accountability of this feature. I know that if I stopped having it auto-post, I'm sure someone would have called me on it...and I didn't want that. Also, my friend Jane was doing the same thing, so as she would finish a run, I would "like" her status update and she would do the same for me...felt like you were not out there all alone. Actually, it felt like I had my own little running club going on, but still felt that I could run and look foolish without anyone watching :) Best of both worlds, right?

After I finished the initial 5k program (which took me 9 weeks + 5 weeks of nothing due to my stress fracture + 3 weeks of do-overs since I had to step back and almost start over again after my stress fracture), I found out that someone was seriously considering it due to my auto posts! Of course, I was encouraging...I know she probably felt like I encouraged, and she took the bait!

Kari started running with her step-son (he was afterall interested in going out of the cross-country team once he started high school anyways), so she wasn't in this all alone. She is officially on week 3. So, I emailed her and asked her how everything was going...

She has already seen a difference between day 1 and day 2 of this week's training, and her stamina is increasing steadily. She thanked me for getting her motivated, and that she had no idea that there was a mini coach in her phone, or else she would have held onto her old excuses. She even has a couple other friends that have been running for awhile now, but it always seemed so easy for them. Now she realizes the empowerment and accomplish is a push enough to keep them going!
Now, that just made my day!

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