Monday, December 5, 2011


I saw an add for gotein, and a little 3-pack sample was free with just $3 shipping, so I went for it. Basically, there are 3 flavors (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla). Its pre-packaged in a single serving and designed to be easily poured into a watter bottle. Take a 16-ounce bottle, and drink 1/3 of it, then pour the Gotein in and shake...Voila. No shaker bottles. No blenders. Easy. And, the price is about $20-25 for 12, making it a sane price for a protein supplement. Sure, not as cheap as some, but also far less than others!

But what makes this option unique? First, its whey/milk protein, no soy. Great. Second, its potent! Each serving has just 100 calories, but offers 16-17 grams of protein! Thats a serious ratio!

I tried the strawberry this morning, and once shaken, it really looks like nestle's strawberry milk (carmine is added for color). I found carmine interesting....maybe its a little boost of protein? LOL Also, its 500 times stronger than vitamin E as an antioxident, so there is an obvious benefit.
As for the taste, its actually quite nice! My children would even drink this! I'll be trying the chocolate or vanilla this afternoon...and may just order some for later :)

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