Thursday, December 8, 2011

Serious Diet Day 4

So far, so good. Last night I did have 4 yogurt-covered pretzels (small ones), but other than that my plan went as planned :) Problem though....I want to go to a Lululemon Showcase tonight at a local yoga studio, so I'm not sure if they will have food and/or if I will be able to exercise as much!

Therefore, I'm going to scale back my meals a tad in anticipation of ONLY being able to do 30 minutes on the elliptical that evening.

Chocolate Shakeology
Beachbody Fiber Boost
Almond Milk

Morning Snack
Protein Drink in my handy blender bottle at work

Salad with chicken

Afternoon Snack

Seared Tuna
Salad w/Marie's Blue Cheese Vinaigrette

So thats 1000 calories...with about 80 grams of protein. I'll save some room for whatever is at the event tonight (not sure what they will have, if anything). Hopefully there will be protein options! If nothing, I'll just have more Shakeology when I return home.

Oh, and by the way, I'm down 5 pounds this morning total since Monday morning. I'm sure most of it is water-weight, so who knows how much fat I've really lost....maybe 1.5 pounds in 4 days, right?

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