Friday, December 9, 2011

Serious Diet Day 5

So, Thursday was good. I changed up my lunch plans and had some soup and salad...12 ounce Au Bon Pain's Wild Mushroom Bisque is always delicious and very low calories. Sided that with some romaine, a bit of chicken breast and sun dried tomatoes, drizzled in some red wine vinegar. Tallied up to 295 calories, and felt full!

Dinner was tuna with broccoli. But, I caved...when I got home from the trunk show, Joe had made cookies with the kids, so I had two of those. Shame on me, I know. But, at least I got a solid 30 mintues on the elliptical in!

If I get through tomorrow, I think the reduced calories won't feel so hard. I had a mere 250 calories for breakfast yesterday, and still wasn't famished by 10:30, when I had my morning snack. So, its already easier than just a few days ago. So glad I'm getting over this hurdle...when you think about it, its amazing how your body self-regulates your hunger pains after a few days, isn't it?

Plan today...

Chocolate Shakeology
Almond Milk
Beachbody Fiber

Morning Snack
Protein Powder Drink

...not sure yet...have to go out for lunch, so wish me luck! Hoping I can stick to an unsweet tea and maybe a chicken breast/salad option?

Afternoon Snack
protein powder drink - if I need it

Buffalo Burger (sans bread)

We'll see what today brings....

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