Saturday, December 10, 2011

Is it enough to know you are fit?

Seriously, I'm on the way to being really fit...but is it enough just to know it? What if your genetics simply don't show it? Would you do something about it?

I'm curious. I carry weight pretty evenly distributed over my entire body, but my inner thigh and inner knee are seriously out of proportion. So much that I never ever wear mini skirts or shorts! Its actually a bit of a shame that I'm so limited to clothing when I do feel that I'm in better shape than I have been in years, you know?

Sure, I have another 15 pounds to lose, and maybe at least 3-4% body fat to lose before I finally feel that I'm at an acceptable weight/fat level, but I'm getting so close...and I already know that I would have to be near 18% body fat (unachievable in my mind) to lose the bulge of genetically-displaced fat pockets on my inner unless I'm prepared to go extreme, I'm never going to look fit. Its a shame really. I know I should love what my body can do. I know I should be proud of how good I feel about my body. And yet, I still fall victim to what I was given by my parents' genes.

If I contemplate lipo or something as significant, am I vain? Am I a poster child for today's unrealistic expectations of fitness/beauty? Or, am I simply taking advantage of modern medicine to eliminate that one little part of my body that has always brought me undue attention? Or, is this just totally contrary to how I should feel now that I'm more athletic than ever before?

So, if you know you are a fit but am seriously uncomfortable with one part of your body, would you simply accept it or do something about it?

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