Monday, April 30, 2012

My Fitness Pal

So, I mentioned that I was going to be strict with myself.  I was always a die-hard mydailyplate fan, but this time around, I'm counting my calories with  Why?  Well, first and foremost its free (even the smart phone app) AND I don't typically need to search for items when listing them on their interface. 

I just grabbed a 1/4 cup fo peanuts and did I have to search to log them?  No!!!  I just scanned the barcode.  This is great!  Perfect for those people addicted to their smart phones, like me.  You can easily add everything from your phone, but if you need to see the whole picture, just log onto their website and check our your summary detail.  For example, on the mobile version, I can see total calorie count and remaining calories....but I cannot readily see total protein for the day.  But, I pop on over to the regular web version and everything is in front of me.

So, again, why is this so great?  So many times I will search for a food item to log.  By scanning this, I'm saving my time and experiencing less frustration because I no longer have to weigh two similar entries in the database that appear almost identical.  Time savings, accuracy and easier entry....what more could you ask for! 

So far, this one is two thumbs up!


  1. it's always great to find something that works for us, isn't it? and it saves time? perfect :)
    for now i'm just trying to get better with having more regular meals, not always the in-between type...

  2. hey, every little step helps. There is no such thing as regular here...but hopefully this will help me to make smarter decisions. Sometimes I track things for a few weeks every few months just to reacquaint me/remind me to make better decisions.


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