Saturday, December 1, 2012

P90X2: X2 Total Body & X2 Ab Ripper

Total body...yes.  I was already feeling the soreness by the end, so I know my upper body will be hating me tomorrow!

This workout is definitely not as intimidating as Plyocide, but its tough nonetheless!

Equipment options were numerous....

  • shoes needed (warning: there are burpees)
  • mat needed and be ready to fold it over on occassion (save your knees)
  • two even weights (or use bands)
  • one weight (I used a kettlebell)
  • two medicine balls
  • chin-up bar (or door-mounted bands)
Surprisingly, the burpee with the donkey kick (Mule Kick Burpees) didn't seem nearly as terrifying as the last burpee exercise (maybe it was because it was done earlier?)...but there is no way I could keep up with them...I did maybe 4 to their 12, and it was seriously not as pretty as theirs.  But, I swear anytime the two medicine balls were used together, it was a guaranteed demoralizing effort on my part.  Likewise, all of the exercises with the stability ball and push-ups were a no-go for me (eg One Arm Stability Arm Kickbacks and "Boing" Pushups).  I found that these either had to be modified "girly" versions, or do them while lying my shoulders on the ball (rather than my forearm).  

The entire workout was a quick pace, and while you were encouraged to write your stats (weights and repetitions and reactions) with each weight exercise, I didn't have the time for this....most likely because I was prepping the equipment for the next exercise or placing the old equipment away.  Seriously, I did get everything out before hand, but the transition periods were a bit fast for me.

All of the exercises thus far, I have done with my husband every evening...but he's out at a boy's party, which worked out this time around.  We both couldn't possibly do this workout together.  We don't have the chin-up bar (so we have to use the bands, but only have one door nearby) and we only have two medicine balls (and I am certainly NOT buying two more for this DVD).  Alas, he will have to do this at a time opposite me.

MY upper body definitely had more strength training than my lower body this time around.  That may have been because my lower body focused on bands, while my upper body focused on the kettlebell (and its definitely heavier/more resistance).  Stability, likewise, was heavily involved throughout....even some of the stretches at the end were working your balance quite a lot!

Tons of exercises included more than one accessory, eg weights+stability, medicine ball+weight.  This proved to me even more that we can't workout together with this one.

X2 Ab Ripper was tiring....I honestly did only half of it.  By itself, its quite manageable, but I was feeling a bit off after the hour with Total Body.  Maybe I didn't at enough, or maybe I'm just tired, or maybe I'm still a bit ill from yesterday (didn't do any workout last night because I was feeling poorly).  I did manage to watch the rest though :)  It switches things up a lot, so its something you can easily throw in when you have time throughout the day.  Lots of variety, quick-paced...and I didn't even dread the moves I did.

Definitely getting some sleep now...lets hope I can lift my arms in the morning!

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