Tuesday, December 4, 2012

P90X2: First Week Complete

Took me 8 days and 6 workouts....but who is counting?  I did do them out of order as well, which was just a matter of necessity, but I also don't think I completely ignored the logic of the order, so I'm ok with that.

Hardest:  Plyocide
Easiest: Recovery+Mobility

Everything else was doable/tough/challenging for the most part.  Individual moves were not so bad, but the ones that were hard were really hard!

I will try to regain that day...if I can do a yoga workout one weekend morning and the next workout that evening.  But, I'm not stressing it.  I shouldn't be really.  I fully expect to do this for 4 weeks and then take a recovery week while we are with family for Christmas...fill that time with running and just regular activities.  Running should be humorous since there is no way that I can incorporate this into the time requirements for P90X2, unless I do it during lunch at work...but then who has time!

So, I'm staying focused. I need to refocus my energy on my food.  Last 3 days has been hard between my husband's birthday and tons of food available at work.  Focus! Focus!  Focus!  But, I just need to remember to not let a slip turn into a slide :)

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  1. Been going through some of these and I love your mix of dedication and realism. You don't throw in the towel just because life gets in the way. Hope you are keeping it up!


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