Monday, December 3, 2012

P90X2: X2 Balance+Power

Almost week 1 complete.  This is technically our Day 7, but being sick through me off a bit on Friday night, and we didn't work out Sunday just because we were wiped from household chores.  I do think, however, that we will start Week 2 tomorrow so we are on pace still.  If you count my sick day (Friday) as a rest day,  then we are just short of a X2 Yoga day for Week 1.  We are already assuming to do this phase for 4 weeks, so I think we are ok with moving on.

X2 Balance+Power is basically weights with yoga. Sure, there are a ton of stability ball and medicine ball exercises thrown in (like that crazy hopping push-up move), but most of the exercises were doable in their entirety.  I'd say about 70% we conquered without an issue.  Now, there were about 20% which were HARD, and maybe 10% that I just stood there pitifully looking at the screen wondering how people can move like that...but I digress.

My pecs were still sore from X2 Total Body still from Saturday night, so starting with this one today made me a tad hesitant.  I don't think the stretching at the beginning was enough, but then again, he did encourage everyone to pause the video and do just that (I wonder how many actually do this though?).

My legs were finally not sore before this workout, so I'm glad that I could rely on them at least!  The significant focus on balance and core work paid off as I could actually pretend to do it all :)

I must caution everyone (and maybe I'll listen to myself on this as well).  The balancing on the stability ball must be done while you are completely in tune with your body.  I find it way too easy to be just slightly distracted and have the ball roll and you fall straight on the floor.  This is particularly referencing the "Crazy Crab Press" which is clearly crazy. Maybe I'm more concerned about it since I'm using a smaller stability ball on a tile floor....but I do fear slipping off with these moves and not reacting fast enough, and going head first into the floor!  Just go slow!  If in doubt, just do one or two until the next time around.

It wasn't quite as speedy as X2 Total Body and I didn't find myself running from one piece of equipment to another, and yet it was quick paced.  I didn't have time to write my stats down, but who is kidding whom?  I don't find it necessary....if I need to find a way to pat myself on the back for getting stronger, then I will know that when I don't feel like giving up in the middle of a workout!  :)

So, what equipment did I recall using?
stability ball
one medicine ball
shoes (necessary)
double weights (or bands)
mat (prepare to roll it at times)
push-up handles (sorry...too advanced for me to attempt, so basic push-ups were ok with me!)

All in all, a good video.  Maybe 2-3 of the moves I won't even attempt next time...but all of the others I will!

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