Tuesday, December 4, 2012

P90X2: X2 Yoga

Its all you expect from a yoga class, plus some.  I personally didn't expect to do so many push-ups or crunches in a yoga class...so he even makes yoga a bit more strength building than it already is!

As for equipment, bare feet and a yoga mat + yoga block is helpful.  That being said, I will be using my gelpro mat from the kitchen next time around.  The frog pose/stretch is a bear on my inner knee.  Its not the actual stretch that hurts, its rather than hard contact with the floor, even if double/triple folding my mat!

I suppose I felt ok with the workout.  The one person who shows you all the alternative positions...well, lets just say I only had to do maybe 5 of her alternatives.  Now, I didn't say that I did them all well...but I did do them.

So, it was a worthwhile exercise....will continue to do this once a week until whenever I suppose!

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