Thursday, December 6, 2012

P90X2: X2 Core

So, this was supposed to be the FIRST routine in the program, but as you may recall, I didn't do it (did "4 Legs" instead) because I simply didn't have the DVD readily available.  So, this would be most people's second foray into this first.

Be ready to have the following on hand:
  • medicine ball (8 pounder for me)
  • stability ball
  • foam roller
There are some interesting one-leg moves and stability ball moves that are hard to accomplish.  Physically hard, yes.  But even if they were not physically hard, they would be difficult.  Its like learning a new dance move....hard to master even though the individual steps are common choreography of the individual step is hard.

Its a tough workout, but doable for the most part.  I would say that the first half of the workout was 90% complete, but the last half was closer to 60%.  Some of the later exercises are very difficult intheir own right, but many more I was just too exhausted to hurt my pride even more.

Easier than Plyo, but harder than most others.

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