Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beach Palooza

Last year's event was a lot of fun (so I was told today by a friend who is in the St Pete/Clearwater Sports Commission).  He said that he was going to participate this year, so I decided to follow along and don a pineapple hat as well.  What is there to lose...besides my dignity? 

What is there to gain?  Well, it does look like a lot!  Last year, Beach Dash had 6 events in the country.  This year? 4 are already planned, with more coming soon.  Chicago, Galveston, Long Beach and St Pete are on the agenda thus far.  So, November 3rd, I will be heading towards St Pete Beach to participate in my first ever Beach Dash!

Rounding your way through this 5k obstacle course starts with Noodle Forest...Seriously, doesn't this look like fun?  I just hope that the kids can play in it after the race is over and before they take it down!

Then comes the Wacky Walls

...and then Beach Barricades, Holey High Tide, Lighthouse Leap, Lofty Ladders, Sandy Seesaw, Ballistic Jungle and finally the Arctic Plunge.  I'm glad this last hurdle is near the finish line so Joe can have a warm blanket ready for me!

After the race, there is the requisite party and its open to all race participants and spectators and includes beach games, food and drinks live music.

Sounds interesting?  To join, click here.  There are currently two waves available, and the earlier you register, the less the cost!  Now, I wasn't too keen on the outrageous processing fee....but hey, its a small price to pay for unique bling!  Current cost for me was $40, but is expected to increase to $65 at race day.  And, for that price?  The obstacle course, a pineapple bling and a gnarly pineapple hat to wear with pride! 


  1. Thanks for the reminder, I had planned to register for this and had forgotten! It's now on the agenda for after payday. (Which thankfully is only two days away!)

  2. It does look like a lot of fun! I hope we can get two pineapple hats for the kids....if we don't think we can, my husband is just going to have to run it as well. I can't handle them fighting over a pineapple hat :) But yea, the bling is ALL MINE!


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