Monday, April 2, 2012

Danskin Triathlon Series - Previous Years Results

I can't help but want to see how people did in the prior year.  I google, as I do with almost everything that I'm curious about...and I find prior years results posted on  I am happy to see that just in my division (females 40-44) there is quite a bit of variety in results!  I take comfort in already thinking that I can do this in less than 3:30 hours.

So, I query a bit more...  In my division for the "sprint" (not the "super sprint"), the results are all over the place:

  • 1st leg (swimming) takes anywhere from 14:16-47:34 minutes.  
  • T1 (the first transition) takes anywhere from 2:00-14:07 minutes.  
  • The second leg (biking) takes anywhere from 36:47-1:16:15
  • T2 (the second transition) takes anywhere from 0:43-4:03
  • 3rd leg (running) takes anywhere from 22:37-1:08:35
Overall clock time ranged from 1:23:58 to 3:30:33.

Now, if I go for the "Sprint", can I hope to be average?  If I go for the "Super Sprint" will my standings be sufficiently better, knowing that I am probably not pushing myself?


  1. Thanks for mentioning this idea of reviewing past results, I'm doing the Clearwater Iron Girl (just the 5K) and I've been worried that my time would be glaringly slower than other runners. A look at last years results shows that my average time would put me solidly in the middle of the pack, and my average time is two minutes better than the average 5K results from last years race! What a relief, I'm glad I read your blog.

  2. Sherrie, I must admit that I do this for every race! It sets my mind at ease and makes me realize that everyone out there is just like me. Sure, there are a few speedies that I will never catch...but the vast majority are NORMAL people :)


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