Monday, April 30, 2012

Why race?

Someone asked me if I could explain why I race in 100 words or less.  Of course, I'm more verbose than that, but I did manage to do it in under 200 words!

I’m always filled with anxiety when prepping for a race.  Am I up to the challenge? Will I feel insecure while being surrounded by hardbodies?  Will I hit a wall?  And yet, once I arrive there, that anxiety washes away.  I see people just like me.  I feel a kindred spirit with these other athletes.  I realize that I will be slower than some, and faster than others.  I am running my own race, against myself, against my past times and the current conditions.  I’m there in the moment ready to go.  I take a final deep breath and when that shotgun is heard I focus only on the task at hand, and run.  Whether it’s a good time or a bad time, I will run.  I will finish the race.  I will be proud that I overcame that anxiety.  I will be proud to be a finisher and get that bling….after all, that bling was earned!

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