Thursday, April 5, 2012

Upcoming Give-Away Alert

I have in my hands two hardcover copies of a new book about running and meditation (the book hasn't even been released yet, so I feel a bit giddy about having two advance copies sent to me by the publishing group).  I must say that the idea of meditation, while insanely simple to comprehend, has always been a bit hard for me to embrace.  While simple in concept, there are a lot of obstacles in the way to attaining the meditative state and as a result, the entire process has intimidated me.  So, I will begin reading this week...and the other will be mailed to the giveaway reader!

Sakyong writes this book while training for Boston.  He breaks down the process of meditation and relates it to running, starting with base building.  But, to step back, what does meditation have to do with running?  A lot!  There are so many similarities to both this ultra physical activity and the ultra solitude/quiet that is associated with meditation.  And, the face that we ALL know that running is more of a mental sport than a physical sport surely has been experienced by anyone that has run farther than a 5k!  It takes focus to develop and retain that endurance.

So, consider how your running is a journey of your mind...if you could capture its strength and funnel its energy, what kind of runner could you become?

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