Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sprint Triathlon Training Plan - Week 5

Half way!  Skills are now assumed to be set, so we start working on endurance (eg sharpening skills).  As you can see, there are a lot more "bricks" this week in order to prepare me for the transitions.

Its also time to start thinking about required gear!  A few essentials come to mind:
  • sunscreen
  • warm clothes
  • snacks pre-race as well as fuel during
  • "butt" butter (butt'er) or body glide
  • clothes to wear during event
But, its also time to start testing race-day equipment!  For the bike portion:
  • Bike (with bike frame number)
  • Helmet (with helmet number)
  • shoes
  • hydration
  • basic bike tools in saddle bag
  • Pump attached to bike

For the running portion:
  • running shoes with yankz (elastic shoelaces)
  • socks
  • visor/sunglasses (although I will probably go without as I rarely run with these now)
  • clothing options

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