Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chafe This!

Longest run yet was this morning. Strange experience. With all the running I've ever done, even in the middle of the hot humid Florida summer, I escaped the experience of chafing....until today.

At the gatorade stop this morning at the turnaround point, I felt some chafing in my inner thigh area from my shorts. Not really bad, but I felt it. I readjusted the compression shorts and was ok. Got home and checked it out a bit more....definite chafe. But at least I expected this. What I didn't expect was some chafing in my inner upper arm! Seriously. I've worn this shirt countless times before and never had anything like this. It wasn't even humid today and it was a balmy 65 degrees throughout most of the run. Not sure why this occurred.

Its a good thing I'm a mother to some young kids. Granted, they have graduated from diapers quite some time ago, but there is always still a tube of A&D around the house. Its been used today. Trust me. I'm definitely going to use the body glide next Sunday when I attempt the 11 miles!

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