Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Half...Approaching!

I don't know which I'm more excited official first half which will be the Rock N Roll St Pete inaugural, or the Princess Half.

Seriously, it was the Princess half that made me think I wanted to run more than a 5K, and I'm seriously stoked to do this, but then again, I have no plans on running the entire thing.

Its the RNR half that will be a true test. I'm not sure if I will be ready for it. I ran a 10K last Saturday, and another 6-miler this past Tuesday. Saturday, I have a hilly 4-miler race (two 55' foot ascents - bridge) that will be painful, and I also plan on doing at least an 8-miler Sunday morning.

My Tuesday evening runs will be the same 6-miles each week with the running that will be my staple. Its the Sunday runs which will push me in mileage. These group runs can be anywhere from 4.5 miles to 11 miles, so they will be perfect for me to get that mileage up! The Sunday before the RNR, I hope to do the entire 11 miles with them....then, I think I can call myself ready for the challenge!


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