Friday, January 27, 2012

Predicted Pace

Ok, small dilemma. Now, I like the idea of a pacing group...but what if this encourages me to NOT push myself as much as I should? While I'm not yet up to the distance, I think 2:15 is doable. Thats a 10:31 minute/mile pace, and I've been running under that...albeit not for 13.1 miles. But, if I can do under that for 8.8 miles, should I still run with the pace group?

For a first half marathon, I think I'm leaning towards the support that the pacing group could provide to will encourage me to run faster (not over my skill level) than I would alone. I tend to be slower when I run alone, except for short distances. I suppose I lose focus or motivation then?

Choice: Go with the pace team and be pretty much guaranteed (except for injury) a 2:15 finish time or go alone and risk loss of motivation/encouragement, but potentially finish ahead of the 2:15 time.

Both have their benefits. I would love to finish ahead of 2:15, but given that its my first half marathon, I'm inclined to just finish at a 2:15 pace. Even if I went it alone, I don't think I could do anything less than the benefits of the pace team appear to outweight the risks of going it alone.

Yep, I will definitely hunt down the pace team's table at the expo for more information!


  1. Hi--I just happened upon your blog and enjoyed reading a bit. Congrats on Disney's Princess Half! Did you try to do anything with a pace group? My thinking is to stick with them for awhile and if you feel strong toward the end of the race, push past them. (But that might not work so well in the crowded Disney races with distractions like picture ops.)

    When I've chosen to run separately, I've found it disappointing to see the pace group you wanted to stick with pass you and disappear ahead of you. *sigh*

  2. I did the 2:15 pace group at the RNR Half in St Pete and definitely enjoyed it. There is instant comaraderie, so its like you are running with a mini-team. After all, there are introductions initially and such and everyone is trying to run the same pace, so its a great thing to join if you are attending a race alone.

    That being said, no way should you do this at a race where there are tons of legitimate reasons to photo ops! That being said, this is NOT the race to go to if you intend on running straight through for a time. Really, if this is your goal, there are a ton of cheaper races around to do just that. You do this race to enjoy the experience and the photo ops and enjoy just looking around....hardly can do that when you are focusing on speed/distance/pace for a PR!


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