Monday, January 23, 2012

Half Marathon Training

So, its coming along. That few weeks off in early December due to my knee definitely set me back a bit and had me worried...but I feel like I will be ready. Two major weekly runs are prepping me well from this week forward!

Every Tuesday evening, I've been joining the running club for the 5-6 mile run over the Green Bridge. The bridge is about a 25-30' ascent, then we run the entire fishing pier and then the back neighborhoods. Eventually coming back to to the bridge. Its a tough run. Maybe its the bridge or maybe I'm just hesitant because the back neighborhoods are always dark. I push myself to run faster simply because I want to stay with the person who wears the headlight! :) I've been running this a tad under a 10 minute pace.

The Sunday morning run is on Anna Maria Island. I'm up to 9 miles and it maxes out at 11 miles...perfect for my long run. The last one was a stretch since it was the farthest I had ever run in a single day...and I averaged a 10:24 pace. Wow....I was sore that evening. My back hurt more than my legs, and I was still a little sore this morning. But, I'll push myself again next Sunday and the Sunday afterwards. I hope to get solid on that 11-miler without being sore the following evening/day. At that point, I'll feel ready.

Now, to assist recuperation, I'll continue to do the hot yoga Monday evenings. If nothing else, this will loosen my muscles and ease any soreness. Its also a ton of strength building since the hot yoga instructor is primarily a pilates instructor...the number of planks I do in that class is insane.

So, I feel that my running will be ok. I need to squeeze in another run during the week and I may go for an evening run or a Saturday morning group run (that one is around Coquina Beach and over the drawbridge (not as high as the Green Bridge) and through the fishing community and back. Its rather close and doesn't start until 8am, so an entire hour later than the long Sunday run. But, I haven't made up my mind on that yet. I have to find a way to squeeze it doubt about it.

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