Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How about a pace team?

So, my first half is mere weeks away. I looked up my original entry and I listed my predicted time at 2:30, but that was entered back in July! things have changed! I know the race will have a waved start, so will my stated 2:30 fall into the proper corral to sync with my currently-predicted finish time of 2:15? Who knows right now...I suppose the only way to ensure this is to join a pace group.

I checked it out online and there is a pace group for the RNR Half. I'm not sure exactly how pace groups are structured, but I'm curious. Do they incorporate a steady run throughout, or do they incorporate run-walk-run or? Maybe I'll have to check them out at the expo?

Here is a snippet of the pace groups established... I'm just presuming I can sign up at the table to join Ben's pace group team and that will automatically get me into the proper wave start/corral placement. Afterall, joining a pace group should trump any predetermined corral placement, right? At least if I'm able to complete it somewhere around 2:15, I will at least be able to hear the headliner at the finish line! Flo Rida starts at 10am...and the wave starts at 7:30-7:45am, I think.

So, maybe I'll visit the pace group and find out more about how these operate....could be just what I need to remain focused throughout this long run.


  1. The pace teams I've seen in longer races all do a steady run at the predicted minutes-per-mile pace. We ran with the 2:00 pace team for most of the Women's Half in November - it was so awesome to see that flag and know we were hitting our mark!

    We will probably stick with the 2:15 pacer this time around too - and hopefully kick it up for miles 10-13.1. See you in two weeks!

  2. Oh cool Andi! Maybe I'll see you then! Maybe by the time Iron Girl comes around in April I can shoot for a 2:00....just not ready fro that. So, 2:15 it will be.


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