Saturday, January 28, 2012

Group Run: Coquina Beach

So, I added a saturday group run into my weekly schedule...this one is on Coquina Beach. Coquina is actually in Holmes Beach (city) on Anna Maria Island, between Sarasota and Tampa Bay.

I got there just before 8am. I rather like being able to get up when my body is ready, rather than extra early for the Sunday runs (which start at 7am). What I also appreciate is that I'm equidistant to all of the running club runs, so I can easily participate in each one, as they are all less than a 10 minute drive away!

Every other group run so far has followed the same route. The Tuesday night Green Bridge/Palmetto runs, start at the library, head over the bridge, down the pier, a quick water stop at the marina water fountain then follow the back roads through the quiet neighborhoods to the west touching the water and back. The Sunday Anna Maria Island runs start at the main beach parking lot, head to the north end of the island and then curve southeast to Bayfront Park, head an optional short south out-back to the end of the road and then return. But, this run was different.

I had never joined this run, but once I saw the group assembled I walked up and everyone was separating! Someone knew my general speed/ability, so they told me to join a specific foursome. I walked up to them and joined....we headed out our own way. Ventured up north hugging the beach trail, then crossed the road to the causeway side, headed under the Cortez Drawbridge, and then back down the causeway side all the way to the southern tip of Anna Maria Island, rounded back to the initial meeting area, and then decided to do an extra mile out and back. Whats strange is that I rarely saw any other runners! I suppose some do just walks, or run-walk-run options. Some are super slow, but I also imagine that some are speedy.

Again. While I found a good group/pace for me, I was simply surprised at how the group quickly separated. I think this is quite normal. I can't find fault with it, but if I were a newbie and met up with them, and they had no idea how I run, I don't know what I would think.

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