Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pace verus Time

I originally always ran in the evening, and back then, if I tried to run in the morning, I would bonk immediately. It was actually quite demoralizing. I forced myself to run primarily in the mornings for a period of 3 weeks, and it did a world of difference. I was finally able to run in the morning equally as well as the evening! Now, I've tweaked it a bit since then, and I need to get up 2 hours before a morning race, hydrate and eat something immediately upon waking...this gives the food a ton of time to get to where it needs to be before race time.

Whats interesting, at least to me, is that I had to struggle and force myself to run in the mornings in order to overcome that hurdle. Now, I find myself faster in the mornings. My 5-6 mile Tuesday night run is consistently my slowest pace throughout the week (well, except for those massive mile runs). But, if you take an equal number of miles and compare the times those mils are run in the evenings versus the times those are run in the mornings, I know that the morning times would average around 20 seconds/mile faster. Thats considerable!

Now, how I changed this, I have no idea....but its interesting to hypothesize. Any guessers out there?

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