Monday, January 30, 2012

The Long Run...and its Consequences

So, yesterday, I upped my mileage. I did 10.66 miles! I met the group at Manatee Beach on Anna Maria Island and we ran 4.5 miles, then had a 5-minute gatorade stop (the running club provides the gatorade). We then ran an out-and-back of 2 miles, then stopped at the same place for a 5-minute gatorade break. We then ran all the way back to Manatee Beach for 4.5 miles. So, 10.6 miles in 1:47 (with 1:57 elapsed time, according to my garmin). I'm quite pleased with it!

Now, that being said, there were some consequences to this run! Yesterday, I ran Coquina Beach and I know I landed wrong one time. I felt an odd sensation, but my stride was ok and there was no lingering pain. I think it decided to linger until the next day.

Starting out yesterday, every 100-200 steps, I would immediately feel this quick pin pain in my right knee, right on top. Very strange. I tried to focus more on my form and was dreading the thought of having to walk back to the car so soon! I continued to feel it every 300-400 steps. I think I finally realized that the pain occurred when I was over-striding. I focused on taking shorter steps and within a mile, I never noticed the pain again. Note that my average cadence was 90spm (with a max of 99spm)! I've never run with such a fast turnover except at a race.

I felt ok the first 4.5 mile segment, although I know I was the only one looking at my watch! I am, by far, the weakest runner in the main group. They were all chatting away, exchanging stories, while I was just listening to their anecdotes and my heavy breathing :) It was an effort to keep up with them afterall. But, they all have been there, so they knew that I wasn't simply trying to eavesdrop :)

After the first 4.5 miles and that quick break, it always amazes me how hard the next 200 steps are! My body feels sluggish so quickly! My legs feel as if they are 200 pounds. Its like I don't remember how to run! But, I pushed myself forward and followed along. When I returned to the gatorade stop, I didn't dare stay still....constantly walking and stretching.

But, even at that point, I was thinking about asking how to take the shortcut back...there were a few splinter groups from the running club, but I stayed with the biggest one. The shortcut would have shaved off an entire mile. But, I kept my mouth shut and moved with the group. I knew the next 4.5 miles would be a struggle. I managed to keep up with the group for most of it, but the 5 guys were pushing farther, and the girls hung back about 100 feet. Obviously, I stayed with the 2 girls!

Eventually, a few guys left as they lived nearby, and one of the girls moved up to the front, and the other girl stayed back with me. This was helpful as she was a chatterbox. She had been there, and while she says she has great endurance, she has never been fast. Most of this group has done marathons, but many now focus on the half marathon. She had been in the group for quite some time, so its strange that I don't recall ever seeing her. But, hey, I'm new...its always hard for the new person to remember all the faces and names! Regardless, I was grateful for her staying a tad behind with me. I fortunately never stopped to walk, and she kept me going.

We got back to the car and I hung out for a bit to stretch. I knew once I got into my car and drove the entire 8 minutes home, I would be stiff. Not like stretching at this moment would make a big difference, but maybe it would make the stiffness not quite so bad?

Got home. Checked my email. Drank some water. Showered. Put my zenzahs on. Lied down watching my husband fold laundry on the bed. No way my arms could extend to even attempt to help...think he found this a tad funny. Afterall, he had taken the kids to breakfast that morning and now I get to take them to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese....yes, he definitely got the better end of that deal!

So, what consequences did this run cause? A few hours later I noticed some pain in my left hip joint. Strangely, my knee felt ok. The next morning (as I write this), my hip is still a bit sore. I'll baby it today, as I even wore flats to work! Let's hope it feels better by tomorrow. I have hot yoga tonight, and I really wanted to do the group bridge run tomorrow night. If I can't, its not the end of the world...but I'd prefer not to miss it.

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