Sunday, June 19, 2011

Huffing and Puffing, I blew that run down!

What made me start? It was a moment of weakness, as well as a moment of opportunity, I suppose.

I determined earlier this year to get my weight under control....the weakness was no longer tolerable, and I knew it. The kids are now 4 and 5, so it hardly seems right to blame the weight gain on them anymore! And then, well, Joe (dear supportive hubby) had shoulder surgery. He had to hang up his baseball gloves and basketball shoes for a solid 6 months....with no scheduling issues for this long stretch, I could finally put myself first!

So, Jane (fabulous mother friend who always finds time for herself and her children even though I have no idea how she does it) was so kind as to tell me about the C25K program. I was immediately interested, but apprehensive. My quick response was "Sounds great...let me know how it goes for you, and if its good, I'll try it in the fall when the miserable hot Florida weather drifts away." But then, I realized quickly what an opportunity this could be for me. Joe is athletically-challenged right now, and I have a strong desire to get rid of the baby weight....Nan, I say to myself, what else do you need?

So, I give it a go and downloaded the app onto my iphone. It was so impulsive for me. After all, this is me we are talking about. I try different physical activities once in awhile, but they never stick...and here I am committing to a 9 week running program! How insane is that???

I go out and buy a proper pair of running shoes and give it a go. That first week, the only thing that I recall is feeling all of my fat jiggle around my thighs and hips. Not pleasant. But I am determined to persevere! Before you know it, I finish the C25K app and already download the B210K app!

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