Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Allied Medal Displays for all that blings!

First of all, when I opened it...I immediately fell in love the heft of this medal display. It is solid, unlike some of the competitors that I've picked up and held at various expos (and more importantly it neither looks like a towel rack or a tie rack!). The laset-cut edge is super fine, but won't draw blood. Remember, I was worried about that...I need to be with kids around since I know my kids will be wearing the medals (especially my daughter with the princess medal!).  I've posted a pic below of the edge of the words so you can see how fine the edge is...hopefully it comes through well with my camera in this darkened room (it is evening and I just got it about 20 minutes ago so I had to put it up immediately and write a review).

I have been looking around for one that can hold everything I need (eventually), looks like it fits in with my office decor, and is adult-friendly. I wanted one that was easy to add/remove medals and that didnt cry for attention, but garnered subtle "oohs" instead (after all, I want the actual bling to get most of the attention!).  In other words...I was looking for quality.  Trust me, I've checked quite a few out. So, I knew what I needed...just hadn't found the right thing for me.

Lo and behold, Allied Medal Displays is a unique contender in this market. You don't find them expo-hopping around the country, but they are slowly making a name for themselves by word of mouth. Runners and triathletes everywhere utilize their hangers...and they've even branched out to other sports. They even offer customized options, unlike any other hanger out there that I've seen.

So, I selected the Starry bling holder. I know most would opt for a custom display, but I just wasn't sure what I would put on there that I would love until the day I die. Now, bling and stars? I'll always like those. So, what do I think about my bling holder? LOVE IT!!!

The mounting was simple. The display comes with "spacers" so you basically mount the screens through the front of the hanger, through the spacers and into the wall of your choice. It took maybe 2 minutes once I found the drill....darn husband keeps moving my stuff around in the garage!

That being said, the screws and spacers are perfect for drywall....but of course, the one exact space that I wanted to place it had 2 (of the 3 spacers/screws) required wood drills behind the drywall.  I found optional screws in my handy dandy garage that worked.  It was just a fluke that the space I desired for this required wood drills...really not a big deal, but something to be aware of.  And, of course, the wood nails (if needed) need to be longer than 1 1/4" and definitely skinny so they fit through the bling holder and through the spacer.  If you bring them to Home Depot, it would be easy to match...but again, just something to be aware of.

Overall, the holder (and all of the models by Allied Steel) has a nice sheen to it, but has more of a matte finish so it won't be showing any fingerprints. I absolutely know that my kids will be touching it for quite some time. In fact, as I write this the kids have already decided to re-arrange the bling in order of first to most recent race.

As for the stars, the stars are brilliant! Some of standard and some are wavy. Some feel a bit girly/wavy, but some are so solid that the entire display feels more gender-neutral than originally expected, which means it would fare well in our bedroom, but its destined for the office for me, especially since I seem to keep my running shoes there all the time anyway!  And, I must say that it fits in perfectly!

Now, if you are interested in getting one of these Allied Medal Displays for yourself, check out their options here. Use discount/promotion code CMOTR for a 10% discount (should at least cover your S&H).  Or, you can check back tomorrow and enter my give-away for one of these bad boys!


  1. Thank you so much for the 10% off code. I found your blog via Google, and appreciated the code. Can't wait for my holder to arrive!

  2. Thanks for posting!! That is the same one I have been wanting and it looks great, so I am ordering it today. I also LOVE that you had a promo code and yes it workled!!!!


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