Saturday, August 3, 2013

Zaggora...first impressions

I rarely click on those facebook ads that annoying pop-up in the middle of your feed, or the side bar ads. That doesn't mean that one occassionally doesn't catch my attention though. I've been seeing the Zaggora ad for quite some time, and over that time, I've come to like the style of their products. So, when Zaggora asked me to give their hotpants a go, I quickly agreed! These are the ones that arrived at my house a few days ago:
First of all, I suppose I should have clicked on those ads.  I was actually quite surprised about the material.  But after scrolling through their website, I don't think I would have been any wiser. 

The appearance?  The material is similar to a wetsuit.  Remember those body glove bikinis of long ago.  Honestly, I really wanted one of those.  I loved the neon and black.  I loved the fabric, how secure it felt and instantly smoothing of oh so not smooth skin.  My initial impression:  instant recall to that body glove swimsuit.  Just for kicks, I searched for the swimsuit that I loved for so many years ago, but dare not wear:

or this...

I suppose retro is cool again.  So, Zaggora is well timed for the market.  Ok, I think I've covered my initial impressions about the neoprene, so lets move on.  The logo sits on the side of the knee, and the inside is lined with the same color neoprene as the logo, so more of a light neon green. Its fun.

The fit?  I'm between sized, but since I plan on getting back to a svelt small/medium, I thought I would request a medium.  Its tight on me, but that was expected.  Regardless, the neoprene is quite forgiving.  Throughout the rump and thighs, I felt I wasn't about to tear it in the least!  It did sit a tad lower than expected, but again, if I wasn't carrying around these extra 20 or so pounds, I think it would be perfect.  That being said, there still was no "muffin top" even though it did sit low and its a tad small.  I was very very pleased with this!  The neoprene does stretch nicely :)

The look?  I mentioned the appearance before, but how do IIIII look in it?  Well, I tell ya, it covers well and makes my skin look oh so smooth.  No bumps.  No see through lycra.  Nadda. 

The feel?  When I run, there is no jiggle.  Honest!  None.  Yes, I love the way I think I look when I run in these.

The heat?  I felt it.  I dripped more sweat AFTER I ran than I ever recall doing before.  Seriously, I got home after a 3 mile run/walk and even afterwards, sweat was dropping down my leg.  I never recall leg sweat before. I didn't even know my legs could sweat this much!  Now, could I have used a similar article of clothing on my torso?  I don't think so, at least not near my neck.  Sweat zones favor the torso.  I think it would bother me more, and I personally like more cold air near my face.  Now, below my waist, it wasn't bothersome at all.  Now, the "full body blzer" could be interpreted as a walking sauna suit.  It could serve an interesting purpose if you want a major detox.  And a detox will allow you to drop water weight quite fast...and it looks quite posh:

So, first impressions?  I'm not sure it does everything its promoted to do, but so far, it is promising.  Does it raise my temperature enough to truly cause a SIGNIFICANT increase in calorie burn?  Maybe so, maybe no.  But, it obviously raises it enough to sweat more, and as a result will release toxins out of your body faster.  Thats always a good thing.  Releasing toxins will surely help one drop unneeded water weight.

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