Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cheribundi Giveaway: Winner Alert!

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Product Review: Cheribundi

Did I ever give my official Cheribundi review?  If not, here it is!  I received three flavors to test out:
  • Skinny Cherry
  • Tru Cherry
  • Whey Cherry
Skinny Cherry was my favorite, simply because I didn't really taste a big difference between the why have the added calories?  That being said, cherry is quite tart so even if it has added sugar, its always going to have a tartness to if tart isn't your thing, don't try it.

Whey Cherry has the added benefit of 8 grams of carbs.  Considering that its only 30 calories over the standard "Tru Cherry" and has 7 grams of protein more than "Tru Cherry" I think this obviously offers the biggest bang for the buck, calorie-wise.

While not 100% cherry juice, its not from concentrate and it is the result of 50 fresh-pressed cherries per bottle.  It has a fabulous cherry pie flavor...but its clearly not a "juice" type drink as you are always going to get a slight tart aftertaste, but rest assured its because its real flavor and not one made in a lab.  Its not going to sweet and sticky, but rather refreshing as well as offering a quick "wake up" type of feeling to it.

I actually prefer the 8 ounce size.  With most juice drinks, you always always have too much.  Seriously, how many times do you pour 12 ounces of orange juice, drink half and top it off again...tons of unwanted calories here.  8 ounces is perfect to throw in your purse, take it with you, or simply grab a serving-size appropriate drink from the fridge.  But they also offer a 32ounce bottle...just be aware of the calories that any juice packs in!

It is a little pricey though, so you are not going to down these every single day...but on those days when your muscles need some recovery, its going to help...this superfruit is going to speed your muscle recovery.  After attempting P90X2's Plyocide and drinking this the following two days, I really felt great even the following day!

I would either try it out after you up your mileage and/or workout/weights, or try it out before/after a run and compare the difference from a normal routine...see if it makes the cut.  I think you will find that it does.

P90X2: X2 Core

So, this was supposed to be the FIRST routine in the program, but as you may recall, I didn't do it (did "4 Legs" instead) because I simply didn't have the DVD readily available.  So, this would be most people's second foray into this first.

Be ready to have the following on hand:
  • medicine ball (8 pounder for me)
  • stability ball
  • foam roller
There are some interesting one-leg moves and stability ball moves that are hard to accomplish.  Physically hard, yes.  But even if they were not physically hard, they would be difficult.  Its like learning a new dance move....hard to master even though the individual steps are common choreography of the individual step is hard.

Its a tough workout, but doable for the most part.  I would say that the first half of the workout was 90% complete, but the last half was closer to 60%.  Some of the later exercises are very difficult intheir own right, but many more I was just too exhausted to hurt my pride even more.

Easier than Plyo, but harder than most others.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

P90X2: First Week Complete

Took me 8 days and 6 workouts....but who is counting?  I did do them out of order as well, which was just a matter of necessity, but I also don't think I completely ignored the logic of the order, so I'm ok with that.

Hardest:  Plyocide
Easiest: Recovery+Mobility

Everything else was doable/tough/challenging for the most part.  Individual moves were not so bad, but the ones that were hard were really hard!

I will try to regain that day...if I can do a yoga workout one weekend morning and the next workout that evening.  But, I'm not stressing it.  I shouldn't be really.  I fully expect to do this for 4 weeks and then take a recovery week while we are with family for Christmas...fill that time with running and just regular activities.  Running should be humorous since there is no way that I can incorporate this into the time requirements for P90X2, unless I do it during lunch at work...but then who has time!

So, I'm staying focused. I need to refocus my energy on my food.  Last 3 days has been hard between my husband's birthday and tons of food available at work.  Focus! Focus!  Focus!  But, I just need to remember to not let a slip turn into a slide :)

P90X2: X2 Yoga

Its all you expect from a yoga class, plus some.  I personally didn't expect to do so many push-ups or crunches in a yoga he even makes yoga a bit more strength building than it already is!

As for equipment, bare feet and a yoga mat + yoga block is helpful.  That being said, I will be using my gelpro mat from the kitchen next time around.  The frog pose/stretch is a bear on my inner knee.  Its not the actual stretch that hurts, its rather than hard contact with the floor, even if double/triple folding my mat!

I suppose I felt ok with the workout.  The one person who shows you all the alternative positions...well, lets just say I only had to do maybe 5 of her alternatives.  Now, I didn't say that I did them all well...but I did do them.

So, it was a worthwhile exercise....will continue to do this once a week until whenever I suppose!

Monday, December 3, 2012

P90X2: X2 Balance+Power

Almost week 1 complete.  This is technically our Day 7, but being sick through me off a bit on Friday night, and we didn't work out Sunday just because we were wiped from household chores.  I do think, however, that we will start Week 2 tomorrow so we are on pace still.  If you count my sick day (Friday) as a rest day,  then we are just short of a X2 Yoga day for Week 1.  We are already assuming to do this phase for 4 weeks, so I think we are ok with moving on.

X2 Balance+Power is basically weights with yoga. Sure, there are a ton of stability ball and medicine ball exercises thrown in (like that crazy hopping push-up move), but most of the exercises were doable in their entirety.  I'd say about 70% we conquered without an issue.  Now, there were about 20% which were HARD, and maybe 10% that I just stood there pitifully looking at the screen wondering how people can move like that...but I digress.

My pecs were still sore from X2 Total Body still from Saturday night, so starting with this one today made me a tad hesitant.  I don't think the stretching at the beginning was enough, but then again, he did encourage everyone to pause the video and do just that (I wonder how many actually do this though?).

My legs were finally not sore before this workout, so I'm glad that I could rely on them at least!  The significant focus on balance and core work paid off as I could actually pretend to do it all :)

I must caution everyone (and maybe I'll listen to myself on this as well).  The balancing on the stability ball must be done while you are completely in tune with your body.  I find it way too easy to be just slightly distracted and have the ball roll and you fall straight on the floor.  This is particularly referencing the "Crazy Crab Press" which is clearly crazy. Maybe I'm more concerned about it since I'm using a smaller stability ball on a tile floor....but I do fear slipping off with these moves and not reacting fast enough, and going head first into the floor!  Just go slow!  If in doubt, just do one or two until the next time around.

It wasn't quite as speedy as X2 Total Body and I didn't find myself running from one piece of equipment to another, and yet it was quick paced.  I didn't have time to write my stats down, but who is kidding whom?  I don't find it necessary....if I need to find a way to pat myself on the back for getting stronger, then I will know that when I don't feel like giving up in the middle of a workout!  :)

So, what equipment did I recall using?
stability ball
one medicine ball
shoes (necessary)
double weights (or bands)
mat (prepare to roll it at times)
push-up handles (sorry...too advanced for me to attempt, so basic push-ups were ok with me!)

All in all, a good video.  Maybe 2-3 of the moves I won't even attempt next time...but all of the others I will!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

P90X2: X2 Total Body & X2 Ab Ripper

Total body...yes.  I was already feeling the soreness by the end, so I know my upper body will be hating me tomorrow!

This workout is definitely not as intimidating as Plyocide, but its tough nonetheless!

Equipment options were numerous....

  • shoes needed (warning: there are burpees)
  • mat needed and be ready to fold it over on occassion (save your knees)
  • two even weights (or use bands)
  • one weight (I used a kettlebell)
  • two medicine balls
  • chin-up bar (or door-mounted bands)
Surprisingly, the burpee with the donkey kick (Mule Kick Burpees) didn't seem nearly as terrifying as the last burpee exercise (maybe it was because it was done earlier?)...but there is no way I could keep up with them...I did maybe 4 to their 12, and it was seriously not as pretty as theirs.  But, I swear anytime the two medicine balls were used together, it was a guaranteed demoralizing effort on my part.  Likewise, all of the exercises with the stability ball and push-ups were a no-go for me (eg One Arm Stability Arm Kickbacks and "Boing" Pushups).  I found that these either had to be modified "girly" versions, or do them while lying my shoulders on the ball (rather than my forearm).  

The entire workout was a quick pace, and while you were encouraged to write your stats (weights and repetitions and reactions) with each weight exercise, I didn't have the time for this....most likely because I was prepping the equipment for the next exercise or placing the old equipment away.  Seriously, I did get everything out before hand, but the transition periods were a bit fast for me.

All of the exercises thus far, I have done with my husband every evening...but he's out at a boy's party, which worked out this time around.  We both couldn't possibly do this workout together.  We don't have the chin-up bar (so we have to use the bands, but only have one door nearby) and we only have two medicine balls (and I am certainly NOT buying two more for this DVD).  Alas, he will have to do this at a time opposite me.

MY upper body definitely had more strength training than my lower body this time around.  That may have been because my lower body focused on bands, while my upper body focused on the kettlebell (and its definitely heavier/more resistance).  Stability, likewise, was heavily involved throughout....even some of the stretches at the end were working your balance quite a lot!

Tons of exercises included more than one accessory, eg weights+stability, medicine ball+weight.  This proved to me even more that we can't workout together with this one.

X2 Ab Ripper was tiring....I honestly did only half of it.  By itself, its quite manageable, but I was feeling a bit off after the hour with Total Body.  Maybe I didn't at enough, or maybe I'm just tired, or maybe I'm still a bit ill from yesterday (didn't do any workout last night because I was feeling poorly).  I did manage to watch the rest though :)  It switches things up a lot, so its something you can easily throw in when you have time throughout the day.  Lots of variety, quick-paced...and I didn't even dread the moves I did.

Definitely getting some sleep now...lets hope I can lift my arms in the morning!

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