Friday, December 9, 2011

Lululemon Trunk Show

Went to the open house/trunk show last night. It was interesting. I wasn't really sure what to expect, so I was prepared for anything. Got a goodie bag for being one of the first 30 guests, which included a lululemon headband (I like those and in fact, I'm wearing it right now!). Also included a free publix reusable bag and some Degree antiperspirant.

The Open House included a few demonstrations of new classes that they will be offering, including tap, balletone and TMX. There is a yoga studio inside, as well as a pilates tons of space. They had several booths set up throughout to show items for is the holiday season afterall! Unfortunately, all the Lululemon items were full price, so I passed those by, although there were several nice items there!

They did do a demo of their tap class....this surprised me, but it was quite impressive. This 60 year old lady did a solo and I just wish I had her legs...they were perfect in every way! She apparently is a 3-time national champion for adult tap competitions. Impressive, even if tap is so not my thing. I did participate in the balletone class, which is like ballet/aerobics/yoga all wrapped into one. This was interesting, since there was a nice rhythm (especially since some of the tap dancers participated in the demo, so you can only imagine the rhythm echoing!). I also got their latest class schedule...they finally have Hot Yoga! Been dying to try this, but I can't justify going all the way to Sarasota where they have 3 studios that offer it (at least not during the week when all the classes are scheduled), and there was only one other place nearby that offered it (but they interlace scripture after every pose...not my thing). So, I'm thrilled...and will be signing up when its officially ready to start! Its seriously 3 minutes from my house, not even a mile.

All in all, a worthwhile event. I was there from 6-7pm, got a free headband and reusable grocery bag and found a Hot Yoga studio. Went home, jumped on the elliptical and then cleaned up and went to bed. Busy night!

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