I like small/short training goals...ones that don't necessarily overwhelm me.  If I can focus for 6-10 weeks, I'm ok.  Anything longer than that seems to just fuel disinterest (except running, for some reason).  So, I have a list of "to do's" that I want to try to tackle in the next 12 months!

Beachbody Programs:
  • Shakeology 14-day Challenge - Complete!
  • Slim in 6 - Complete!
  • Hip Hop Abs - Not Yet Started (have borrowed the videos from a friend)
  • P90X - Not Yet Stared (will be borrowing the videos from a friend)
  • P90X2 - Active!
  • Little Black Dress - 90 Day Challenge - Active!
  • Yoga Booty Ballet - Looks like fun...just not sure when I will ever have the time for it...yet!
Running/Other Goals:
  • 5K a Day for 50 Days - Not Yet Started (May attempt this once Half Marathon season is over in April 2012, at which time I will have a killer base and could handle this low mileage on a daily basis without the need for rest days)
  • - Not Yet Started
  • 1 Mile A Day for Year to have an official record here - Not Yet Started
  • Run 60 miles every month (as calculated on DailyMile)
  • Some Kettlebells Program - not sure which one yet

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