Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cursed Run! Yes, sometimes runs are to hell and back!

So, last week, I went for a run....just like the prior 10 nights.  But no...this one was different.  A simple 5k bad could it have been!?!?  Its 9:30 at night, and there is only one place to run at night in my area....only one road thats lighted.

After 1/2 mile, it poured...all of a sudden, poured!  I was drenched, but after about 2 minutes, it stopped suddenly.  But hey, I was now cooler than before!

After another 1/2 mile, I realized that the coolness was gone.  I was running against a row of trees/bushes and there was no breeze.  I was now hot, wet, sticky and the wind was nonexistent.

After another 1/2 mile, I realize that I simply cannot go back the same wind.  So, maybe I cross the street for the run back.  At least the wind could be better?

I cross the street.  After a mere 20 steps, I am under a large low tree, and its dark underneath.  The street lights do not shine there.  So, right then and there, I trip.  Fly and land on the cement.  My knee is all bloodied, as is my elbow.  Sweat + open sore + blood = stinging pain.  Now, I really want to get home.

I start running again, pushing back the sting, and within 1/2 mile, a beetle flies into my hair!  Seriously, "beetle" is a nice word, but the truth is it was a palmetto bug.  For those of you who do not know what this is...its basically a coachroach with wings.  I'm glad that I had a tight ponytail on, so I was able to bob my head a few times to get it off without touching anything.  So, now, I'm uncomfortable, in pain and am in dire need of washing my hair.

I continue to run.

Another 1/2 mile, I need to desperately use the bathroom.  Problem...if I keep running, it speeds the need. But, if I don't run, I have to continue with this awful feeling of dirty hair and cannot tend to my wound.  So, I try to run and then hope that I don't have to use the bushes on this main there are no bathrooms in sight!

I end of walking most of the way home...just to maintain my dignity, whatever is left of it.  I hope that the bathroom can wait.  I hope that the stinging pain will be eased quickly.  I just want to be home.

I get home. I run to the bathroom.  I bandage my wound.

5 days later, my knee is still swollen.  It still hurts to walk.  When the bandage is on it, it stays continuously moist and has less pain, but when I take the bandage off, it dries and feels like the skin is breaking.  And yes, its still swollen.

Now, its day 7.  Just slightly swollen now.  Still hurts, sitting still.  Is taking forever to fully heal...yes, it was that large of a wound.  So ready to find my mojo again.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Zen Runners

Oh, how I wish I could be a zen runner.  Those people who get their shoes on and just leave the house, with never a thought about taking a watch, music, gps or other "necessity" ....they do it purely for the run, with no need to analyze, dissect the pace/distance/altitude, or the need to be distracted at times.  The run is their high, regardless if its 2 miles or 20.

I will never be a zen runner.  Its simply impossible.  Type A personality here, and while I love the idea of zen running, I fear that my personality would never embrace the  simplicity of zen running.  I have a strong desire for data and analytics (something my current profession very much utilizes).  I love being a Type A, but for running, I wish a Type B personality could fit me comfortably.  The person who is not nearly as competitive (in every facet of life), but if they are, its not something that takes over their lives.  My husband...Type B.  If he "thinks" he ran around a 5k, thats good enough for him.  If he "thinks" it was around 30 minutes, he's ok with that.  Of course, I question this pace and distance...but it doesn't really matter to him.  He is simply glad that he got out there.  No accollades or timers or pacers "analytics" are required after a run.  Just a run.

Oh, being a zen runner represents such freedom, and yet, the Type A in me finds so much strength in the analytics.  Is it possible to be both?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

5K a Day...for 50 Days!

Yeah, I'm going for it.  Anyone else want to join in this challenge?

I may be extra slow out there these days, but the only way to get me back into the swing of things is to focus on a goal....something closer and more tangible than race season (which is still a good 4 months out!).

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