Saturday, June 22, 2013

WiFi Scale: WiThings versus FitBit Aria

When I provided that data feed schematic a few days ago, I had already known that I was buying a wifi scale.  Just don't tell my husband how expensive they are, ok? 

There really are only three wifi scales out there:
The FitBit Aria and the WiThings Wireless Scale are very comparable in terms of features.  Pricing on the Aria is slightly more, for no apparent reason other than their brand name.  The WiThings Smart Body Analyzer, however, is superior in terms of features...but its more expensive.

I'm interested in one of these...simply because I love data.  And, what better way than to have the data sent to an online "home" for storage and analysis!  But, they are pricey. Do they work?  Are there network issues?  There really are not that many models out there.  My shopping comparison is listed below (click the image to enlarge) which pulled some basic information from Amazon.

I haven't given it a full run-down quite yet, but will update in a few days....will I really be happy with it?

So, what swayed me towards the pricier option?  Two things really:
  • Can I hide my readings from other users of my scale?  WiThings is very clear about this.  I never got the warm and fuzzy from FitBit's site. Yes, you're entirely free to customise your privacy settings. You can create a separate, individual Withings account for your profile so that only you can see your weight data.
  • I want to know my resting heart rate.  This is soooo important for determining overall health!  Knowing what that is helps determine overall fitness level.  Knowing changes in that can help identify when you are coming down with something, are under stress, need more sleep, etc.  Its all related!
For more detail of the importance of knowing and managing your resting heart rate, please see this post:

Elevated Resting Heart Rate = Warning Sign

Like everything else, you should be aware of your body.  There are so many "heads up" indicators for poor health.  And, every time something slaps you in the face as being odd, it focuses you more on the goal of health.  Is a wifi scale considerably more expensive than the $29.99 versions that are available everywhere?  Yes.  Is the tracking feature worth it?  Yes.  See changes in your body composition also can give you a heads up when your cycle is going to start...and an extra days notice for me (and most women I know) is appreciated!  But, more importantly, you can see the trends over time.  Its not just a number that will put you in a good mood or a bad mood for a day (trust me, my husband gets pissed off when he thinks he has gained 2 pounds in one day, which we know is NOT possible).  Like anything else, focus on the overall picture and trend, and health and well being will follow.

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  1. We have the Fitbit Aria, and it does allow multiple users to set their privacy settings so that other users can only see what they want them to.... I have no idea what my wife's weight and body fat percentage is, but she can see mine. It connects easily to the internet, and has been working very well for over a year.


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