Monday, August 29, 2016

Running with Kids...Week 8

T-7 Days until our first 5k.

We nailed 20 minutes the prior week...and our challenge this week was to run for 27 minutes straight.  We started with 20+5, then 25, then 27.

The 20+5 was tough.  The first run was at 7 with my, I just was NOT into it at all.  The second run was with my daughter at 8 (my son was on his bike for this one as neither I or he wanted to be left at home alone), but it was so easier.  Its amazing what an hour can make in Florida's sun!  The difference was almost refreshing!

Then, the 25....tough.

Then, the 27...tougher.  But, we did it!

Our protocol for this last week starts with this run:
Run 28 minutes

Run 29 minutes

Run 30 minutes

...and then then race!  We are all getting nervous now!

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