Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Future Races

So, now that the kids have one 5K under their belt...what else could we do?  There is a ton of variety and the Canes Classic (which we just did) kicks off racing season down here in Florida!

Options abound...but these seem kid-friendly and local....leading up to the Disney race in April.  The Turky Trot, while 5-miles, is too local NOT to try.  They can walk it, if needed.  Fortunately, there is no cost to this one (just food donation), but there is also no medal.

  • Color Blast 5K Run REGISTERED10/15/16
  • Lakewood Ranch Boo Run 5K 10/29/16
  • Turkey Trot (5 miles) 11/24/16
  • Frosty 5k 12/17/16
  • Ringing Bridge Run (4 miles) 1/14/17
  • Falcon 5K February-ish (date not yet announced)
  • Robinson Preserve 5k 3/31/17
  • Disney Dark Side 5K REGISTERED 4/21/17 (I'll be doing the 5K with them and the Half Marathon)
Now, lets master this 5K thing!  Goal?  No stopping on 10/15!

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