Monday, September 5, 2016

Kids First 5k

Prior to race day, they were both capable of running 27 minutes straight...looking back, I think they did great!  I was hoping that the energy of the race will push them that final step to finish the race non-stop, but hopefully running with me will force them to slow down and not run with the pack.

So how did they do at the Canes Classic?

My daughter ended up running with her friend from school, and his dad.  They didn't pace well and was far up ahead from the beginning, and then walked quite a lot.  She finished in 50 minutes.  She apparently complained a LOT during the race, but she was 2nd in her age group (out of two 10-11 year old girls), and received a medal.  Once we got home she put it on her "bling holder" and said that this is the medal that she is THE most proud of!

My son and I ran together...kept a consistent pace.  We did take a total of 5 1-minute walking breaks and finished in 44 minutes.  Note that every 1/4 mile there was some type of complaining such as "why are you torturing me so" and "are we done yet?".  But by the end, there was a big smile on his face.  He even sprinted the last 100 meters!

It was definitely harder than they expected.  85% humidity and 80 degrees...with sun (this race started at 8am).  After they finished, I just kept telling them that every other 5K will be easier than this one.  After all, they now have a PR!

We have officially signed up for the color blast run in October, per my daughter's request.  Its October 15th, so there may be Florida summer left...its a crap shoot. The humidity typically disappears right around mid-October, so cross your fingers for us!

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