Tuesday, November 29, 2011

After The Doc...

So yep, he says 14 days, but I'm going to try to do a long run after 12 days (don't really want to miss my running club for the long Sunday run). That being said, how will I best use this running break?

First, I'm going to lose some weight! Its hard to reduce calories when you are running, as the energy is sooo needed before and after a run. But if I'm relying on the elliptical for my exercise (and maybe even get those kettlebell exercises in that I've been wanting to do but haven't found the time!), I can easily do less calories and still not feel so drained. So, I'm saying it right here for all to hear...doing strict "healthy" Atkins starting today. Extremely minimal carbs, except maybe once/day (after all, I need some fruit some times!)....but absolutely no bread, pasta, rice, cereal, etc. Heavy on the veggies and protein (goal of at least 100 grams/day) and no added fat/carbs/sweets. I can't see going under 1200 calories/day, but I'll try to target 1000, knowing I have room for more if/when I need it. I'll up my B vitamins and ensure I take everything I need.

Goal: Drop 8 pounds in 14 days. Now, that being said, I'm sure 4 pounds is just water weight, so I only expect to drop 2 pounds/week of real "fat" weight.

I think this is doable. I know its going to take a serious effort, but I'm focused. Thanksgiving is over, and the kids scheduled events are finally over for the semester, so we can be better at cooking proper foods at home...and seriously, thats why its been so hard to lose any weight these last 3 months!!! Schedules have been so hectic that we eat whatever is convenient, and while most of it is at home, its still not always the best options. But, I haven't gained anything, so thats something. I just seem to continue to go up and down within a 7 pound range without effort....but since I haven't really tried (even though the lukewarm desire has been there somewhat) I am hopeful that I can sustain it for the solid 2 weeks.

I would really love to his the 140s prior to Christmas...and this could get me there! I need to look at this 2-week hiatus as an opportunity to lose weight, rather than focus it as a punishment not to run.

What's strange with weight loss and weight gain, at least that I've found for me....is that it is so easy to put on weight. Really, we can add an extra something every day and before you know it, we've gained more than just a few pounds of water weight. But, to lose weight? It takes a real concerted effort! Our bodies are perfect machines (at least somewhat), since our bodies naturally plateau within a given weight range. Cutting back calories a few hundred/day really doesn't work. I can easily cut back 300 calories/day and count religiously for weeks and not see a single change in the scale. Seriously, all else staying the same, I should see a difference! Our bodies just quickly adapt to the different energy levels available. But, if I severely cut back calories and increase (even temporarily) my energy demands, my body simply cannot adapt...so, I lose weight. Problem is...losing weight has to be a dramatic effort. Gaining weight takes no effort. I'm ready for the dramatic effort. Its been months since I've focused on this (actually right before I started this blog was my last true effort..and I did really well!), but I feel I'm ready again.

So, whats the problem? I have Bit 'O Honey in my bag, and I will have to hide it from myself now :)

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